So, you’ve decided to give The O Zone a try? Excellent! We will be pleased to meet you! We know you may be a bit nervous, that’s perfectly normal. If you are just starting to explore the swinging lifestyle, or even just stepping out of your sexual comfort zone and attending a swing club just to see what it’s all about, we understand. We’ve all be there!

There is safety in numbers: Of the hundreds of couples who pack The O Zone every weekend, about a quarter of them are new just like you, so you won’t be alone! We are happy to answer your questions, and usually offer tours throughout the evening. Just ask us!

You might expect a lot when attending a swingers club, and that may be the biggest source of anxiety. First, forget about your preconceived notions of what happens at a swingers club and think of us as a Dance Club for Sexy Adults. It is likely not at all what you’ve built up in your mind. We really like to focus on the party, the music and friends to be made while visiting The O Zone and let the rest of it, if anything, happen naturally.

The best way to approach your first visit is with only one single expectation: To have a fun time together! For your first visit to The O Zone, plan on having a nice evening with your partner where you will surely enjoy the sexually charged dance floor. This way you won’t feel like you have to perform or participate, and just have fun.

While the scenarios that could play out are endless, there are a number of ways your evening could go at The O Zone:

You go home with your partner

At the end of an evening of dinner and dancing, you go home together revved up from the erotically charged environment. You use that energy and have the best sex you have had in years.

You meet another couple to interact with

While on the crowded dance floor you're dancing together and an attractive couple is dancing beside you. You start to touch each other and the next thing you know you have swapped dance partners. When the song ends, the couple disappear into the crowd, and you both enjoy the excitement of this sexy anonymous alternate lifestyle encounter.

You find a private place within the Club

You are both so turned on by the evening that you go into one of The O Zone's on-premise play rooms, close the drapes behind you, and enjoy fantastic sex together. From here you can hear others playing nearby and it heightens the mood for you both.

You observe the atmosphere in the play rooms

You both know that you want to see more, but you are not sure about how much you want to participate, so you enter one of the play rooms. You don't participate, but instead you observe, close enough to easily view all the exciting activities, yet far enough away to accommodate your comfort zone.

Swinging becomes a reality

You see the couple you were dancing beside on the dance floor. They are in a room with the drapes open. You lay down beside them and the rest is history. You become a full fledged swinger. 

With this approach and mindset you are certain to have the greatest night of your life at The O Zone Members Only Couples club!!!