In the conception of ‘swinging’ or ‘wife swapping’, it had a pretty strict description: a committed, married couple swap partners sexually with another committed couple. This lifestyle has come a long way, with plenty of changes due to the different needs and ideals of those who find a home in the swingers lifestyle.

Not all swingers are couples although the majority are happily married, committed couples. Some swingers are single and attend events on their own or bring a date. It is standard practice for swing clubs to restrict entrance for single men or the male/female ratio becomes too unbalanced and ladies often feel a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. The O Zone allows a select few single men to attend on Friday nights only. Single females are usually welcome at swinger events as they always are at The O Zone, and are often referred to as Unicorns. Finding a true Unicorn is a rare treasure.

There are also ‘levels’ if you will, of swinging. The 2 biggest distinctions are Soft Swap and Full Swap. Soft swap means a couple have set limitations to what they will do with others, usually drawing their line before penetrative sex. Full swap means the couple are up for penetrative sex with others. Then there is ‘same room’ which means they want to be in view of each other while playing with others.

Many couples set limits and some acts are taboo. Kissing is sometimes one thing that isn’t allowed with anyone but their partner, due to the intimate and personal nature of kissing. These omissions help keep something special just between the two of them and are not shared with others during play. They usually know this ahead of time and should communicate it when negotiating play with others.

The misconceptions about swinging are as broad today as they ever were. Many think swingers check their clothes at the door, dive right into a big orgy and have their way with anyone and everyone they desire. That is really, really not the case at all! First of all, it’s never ok to touch anyone else without consent. That’s just creepy and disrespectful, and we don’t tolerate that at The O Zone.

Second, there are plenty of members who attend events and never get naked, never play, and don’t even go into the play rooms. They attend for the party atmosphere, to dance and flirt, to feel good about themselves and to meet amazing, sexy people. They enjoy a positive influence to their relationship and a renewed love for their partner.

And lastly, an orgy usually takes planning, as not many people are ok with the notion of ‘anything with anyone’, especially seeing that there are a lot of people at an O Zone party. We are all about the party first and foremost!

As to “WHO are swingers?”, well, that’s interesting. Swinging attracts people from all walks of life, with the highest influx being 30-40 something’s, married, middle to upper class, and professionals. There are no boundaries when it comes to ethnicity, size, shape and color, as swingers are as varied as a big box of chocolates: It takes many flavors to make up a group of swingers!