What are your Hours of Operation?

For most events: Friday and Saturday evenings, doors open at 9pm. Bar closes at 2am and playrooms are expected to be vacated before 3am.

For SUPER Parties, doors open at 8pm. For special events like NYE, special hours are indicated in the event details.

Do you need to be a member to visit The O Zone!

Absolutely! The O Zone is a private Members swingers club and is not open to the public at large. Only members in good standing will be allowed into our events. Membership allows the club’s management to ensure that only real, open-minded couples attend club parties and events, and to deny access to those who aren’t.

Do you only take cash?

No, we are equipped to accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit. There is no cash machine on premise, but a tab can be setup at the main bar.

Do you have any private rooms?

Yes! We currently have 3 private rooms for rent for the entire evening (until 2am) at a very reasonable rate. They each have their own TV monitor over a queen bed with fresh linens and towels. Use it as a personal storage area for coats, purse, toybag etc while you are busy socializing and dancing, knowing your belongings are secure. We even include mints so you're fresh and ready for that closeup! Speak to the staff at the front desk to secure a private room for the evening.

Do you have food service?

Yes, food is available and we provide light snacks free of charge.

Is The O Zone licensed?

Yes! We have a full bar and offer house liquors, beer, wine and coolers as well as top shelf liquors for our more discerning members.

Can we bring our own food or beverages into The O Zone?

No, sorry! No outside food or beverages, including bottled water.

What should we wear to a swinger party?

The only dress code we have at The O Zone, is ‘dress to impress’. That simply means dress up a bit, look good and therefore feel sexy. We discourage regular jeans and T-shirts, as it feels too casual and creates that ‘they don’t belong here’ vibe. Dressing to impress means you’ve taken a little extra care and are more likely to be viewed as ‘belonging’. As to *what* to wear… Ladies often wear short skirts/low cut tops, lingerie, club wear or whatever makes her feel sexy and secure. The gents often wear dress paints or designer jeans and button down collared dress shirts. ‘Well dressed’ is sexy! Feel free to dress in costume to match our Theme Nights, but there is no requirement for costumes. Ball caps, beach shorts and sandals are not allowed at The O Zone.

We love to take pictures of ourselves. Can we do that at The O Zone?

No way, no how. We have a strict No Photography rule inside The O Zone swingers club, and photography equipment, including cell phones, is strictly prohibited. You are allowed to carry your cell phone but are restricted from using the camera. We take this one very seriously. We have a zero tolerance rule, and if broken, will result in deleting the images and revocation of membership. We take our members privacy very seriously.

At some of our larger events (NYE, Mardi Pardi, Monster Bash), we provide a Photo Wall in the lobby so you can capture all the splendor that is You on this evening! Feel free to snap a shot or ask our staff to snap the two of you together... these make great Profile pics on your dating profiles!!

Will we fit in at your Club?

Our no-pressure, high-energy adult club atmosphere is meant to be an expression of absolute hedonistic behaviour, a celebration of freedom of choice and a non-judgmental platform for swapping and swinging for those who wish it. Only you can determine if our Club is for you and if you fit in. It’s all in the mindset!

What might happen for us when we visit your Club?

While the scenarios that could play out are endless, there are a number of ways your evening could go at The O Zone:

You go home with your partner
At the end of an evening of dinner and dancing, you go home together revved up from the erotically charged environment. You use that energy and have the best sex you have had in years.

You meet another couple to interact with
While on the crowded dance floor you're dancing together and an attractive couple is dancing beside you. You start to touch each other and the next thing you know you have swapped dance partners. When the song ends, the couple disappear into the crowd, and you both enjoy the excitement of this sexy anonymous encounter.

You find a private place within the Club
You are both so turned on by the evening that you go into one of The O Zone's on-premise play rooms, close the drapes behind you, and enjoy fantastic sex together. From here you can hear others playing nearby and it heightens the mood for you both.

You observe the atmosphere in the play rooms
You both know that you want to see more, but you are not sure about how much you want to participate, so, you enter one of the play rooms. You don't participate, but instead you decide to observe, close enough to easily view all the exciting activities, yet far enough away to accommodate your comfort zone.

Swinging becomes a reality
You see the couple you were dancing beside on the dance floor. They are in a room with the drapes open. You lay down beside them and the rest is history. You become a full fledged swinger. 

With this approach and mindset you are certain to have the greatest night of your life at The O Zone swingers club!!!

Is it ok to bring our own personal lube, condoms and/or sex toys?

Certainly! We know how varied sexual interests are, and the products that go along with it isn’t any different. We supply basic water based lubricant and standard latex condoms, but if you have a favorite brand, feel free to bring it along. Some couples carry a small toiletry bag with their toys and lube into the play rooms, and that’s perfectly ok.

You have lockers?

Yes, we have a main locker room next to the shower, but there are also lockers in the play areas so you can lock up your valuables and forget about them while having fun. Pick up a free lock and a towel from the back bar on your way to the play rooms. Toss the towel in the hamper, and leave the lock on the bar or in the locker when you are finished with it.

Do you have a hottub or sauna?

No, not at The O Zone.

What is the age limit?

All Members must be at least 19 yrs of age, as we are a licensed establishment.

Whats the average age of attendees of The O Zone?

We have members from their early 20’s to late 60’s, but the average age is late 30’s/early 40’s.

Besides the obvious, what benefits are there to Swinging?

The benefits of actively exploring this adult alternative Lifestyle are:

  • You have an opportunity to explore your sexuality and sensuality in new ways that are not easily accepted in ‘traditional’ society.
  • It is a good way for bi-curious women to explore their curiosity without cheating or hiding. And most men are all for their ladies exploring with another lady.
  • The Lifestyle can enhance a relationship and your level of commitment to your partner.
  • You and your partner can also explore swapping on whatever level you are comfortable with and learn more about your sexual interests and fantasies.
  • By watching others, you can learn how to confidently flirt and interact with others provocatively as well as learning new sexual tricks or positions.
  • Most of all, you will have the chance to form amazing and meaningful friendships with exciting, sexually charged people you would be unlikely to connect with in regular society