Birthday Bash at The O Zone

Once a Month we Celebrate your Astrological Sign with a Special Birthday Bash at The O Zone!

Come and celebrate your Birthday at The O Zone for FREE.... Bring your Friends!

Upcoming Birthdays:

Scorpio - November 16th
Sagittarius - December 14th
Capricorn - January 11th

Sexy Scorpios - November 16th

If you were born between October 23 and Novmeber 21, we invite you to party at The O Zone on November 16th.

Entry to The O Zone for you and your partner will be FREE of charge (ID Required)

We invite you to celebrate your birthday in The Zone for a Night you will never forget.

The O Zone… Where The (Birthday) Party Is At !


SCORPIO WOMEN: Inquisitive, searching and experimental. Knows that eroticism consists of more than the physical act of lovemaking. While looking like a perfect lady in public, you dress and act like a whore in the bedroom. Control of the orgasm is very important and will try anything to help your man maintain his potency. You never take no for answer and when interested in someone, you will pursue him with determination and guile. Best sex mates: Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Props you love: scented body oils, flavoured lubricating gels, and vibrators.

SCORPIO MEN: A lustful, sexy animal. Enjoys biting and sucking and is a master of oral sex. Inflicting pain turns him on so he may pinch at nipples or the inside of thighs. Likes it in water, but his kink is that he prefers wood tables and hard floors to satin and silk. His erogenous zone is his genitalia.

Scorpios are sexual connoisseurs par excellence, streets ahead of the rest of the Zodiac. Nothing can shock you when it comes to sex, your eccentric tastes and adventurous streak draw you to unusual personalities and you love try new things. Your natural sexual expertise makes you a much sought-after partner, so make the most of it!

Your energy springs from your bent towards anything connected to sex and natural hedonism. You thrive on it and like to make love as often as possible, in short, sharp bursts. You are not afraid to have several partners at a time, even though you hurt people, you know they can't resist you.

You love to fantasise before sex, especially about illicit situations with both men and women. You bring every partner you have to an easy climax and love pushing their sexual boundaries.

Scorpio is the most sexual of all the signs. For many people this makes them the zodiac sign which is the best lover. Others may feel manipulated or used for sex, as Scorpio sometimes will do.

They have magnetic, irresistible personalities and make fantastic lovers in the physical sense, but sometimes they come off as emotionally distant.

Seducing Scorpio is notoriously difficult, because with their animal charm and manipulative powers they are the ones that usually do the seducing.