Basics of the Lifestyle

Communication is key, we can’t say it enough! Have an open, candid conversation with your partner before arriving at our GTA swingers club, and with anyone you are interested in playing with.

Respect yourself, your partner, other members and the Club itself. Treat people the way you would want to be treated, and treat the Club like you would your own home.

Discretion is a big part of it for many couples. Not everyone is ‘out’ to family, friends and coworkers, so do not discuss the Lifestyle or an event in front of others who were not there. This truly is ‘What happens at The O Zone, STAYS at The O Zone!’

Acceptance is a big part of it too. Be accepting of others, understand that not everyone has the same ideals and interests for swinging and be open minded and respectful toward others interests, even if you don’t share them.

Being non-judgmental is difficult sometimes because we are conditioned by society to see things a certain way, but at The O Zone, we want everyone to enjoy themselves, the atmosphere and all the Club has to offer without being judged. If you see something you don’t like or that isn’t visually pleasing to you, just walk away. There is plenty of room at The O Zone for you to find a space that works for you.

Consent is a big one but is often left unsaid. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger in a grocery store and hug or fondle them. It is no different at a swingers event. Just because there is hedonistic intent and someone seems to be promiscuous does not give the green light to touch without consent. Asking outright is the polite thing to do and is one approach. Or say “Wow! You have great breasts!” and wait for an invitation to touch.